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Seeding emerging managers and Bitcoin builders

Just as the samara's wings protect and disperse a tree's seeds,

Samara Asset Group's purpose is to invest in the world's best emerging asset managers and Bitcoin builders..

Fostering their growth and providing strength and guidance for their journey.

We believe the future of finance lies in decentralization and democratization, empowered by Bitcoin.

Our mission is to help realize this future by investing in the best emerging asset managers and Bitcoin builders,

Empowering our shareholders to participate in the performance of their strategies and growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Samara seeds the worlds best emerging managers and Bitcoin builders

Samara Asset Group (formerly, Cryptology Asset Group) is a deep-tech powered alternative asset manager with a hyperfocus on alpha-generating strategies and Bitcoin. We leverage our robust balance sheet to seed emerging asset managers and back the world’s best builders in Bitcoin and blockchain.

We deploy our assets through our Fund-of-Funds and Multi-Manager platform, Samara Alpha Management, aiming to deliver outsized, risk-adjusted returns to our shareholders.

Our shareholders access investment opportunities they cannot alone

Most investors cannot invest in hedge funds or venture capital funds due to accredited investor laws or a lack of access and network.

Samara Asset Group solves this problem for our shareholders. Our shareholders benefit from the performance of the institutional-grade investment strategies of the Samara Alpha platform, as well as in the Bitcoin-focused venture investments we make.

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Samara’s listed shares democratize what traditionally would be highly exclusive and limited hedge and venture fund investment opportunities for everyone.

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By providing expert insights into the latest trend and developments in Bitcoin and tech-driven alternative assets, we aim to empower you to participate in one of the most exciting technological and financial revolutions of our time.

“Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will reshape finance just as the internet did communication.”
Mike Novogratz
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