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Samara Asset Group Donates USD 10,000 in BTC to Bitcoin DADA to Support Bitcoin Education for Women in Africa

September 7, 2023

Samara Asset Group's corporate news image, White logo on black background.Samara Asset Group's corporate news image, White logo on black background.Samara Asset Group's Ad Hoc news image, White logo on black background.Samara Asset Group's Ad Hoc news image, White logo on black background.

Malta, 7 September 2023. Samara Asset Group p.l.c. (ISIN: MT0001770107; Ticker: SRAG:GR) (“Samara”) announces that it has donated USD 10,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) to Bitcoin DADA, a Kenya-based non-profit initiative dedicated to empowering women in Africa through financial education, with a focus on Bitcoin and its transformative potential. 

Bitcoin DADA believes that equipping women in Africa with the knowledge and tools to understand and utilize Bitcoin can help them achieve financial independence and play an active role in the global digital economy.

Samara is supporting Bitcoin DADA in this mission with a donation made in Bitcoin (BTC) to help the organization roll out new educational programs and initiatives. 

Lorraine Marcel Atieno, Founder of Bitcoin DADA, said: "Samara’s generous donation to Bitcoin DADA is a beacon of support for the empowerment of African women. The contribution will fuel our mission to educate, uplift, and inspire women in Kenya and across the continent, fostering a brighter future for African females. We’re grateful for Samara being a pillar in this journey of empowerment."

Patrick Lowry, Samara CEO, said: “At Samara, we believe in a future where financial empowerment is accessible to everyone, irrespective of gender, race, or geographical location. Our donation to Bitcoin DADA is a testament to this vision. We’re not just investing in Bitcoin businesses, we are investing in a more inclusive and decentralized financial future for all."

Samara Asset Group CEO Patrick Lowry recently invited Bitcoin DADA’s founder, Lorraine Marcel Atieno, as a guest on the Proof of Words podcast to learn more about her incredible work in Kenya. You can tune in to the episode here

Anyone looking to donate to Bitcoin DADA to support Bitcoin education for women in Africa can send donations here: https://donation.btcdada.com

About Samara Asset Group p.l.c.

Samara Asset Group (ISIN: MT0001770107; Ticker: SRAG:GR) is a deep-tech powered alternative asset manager with a hyperfocus on alpha-generating strategies and Bitcoin. We leverage our robust balance sheet of many of the world’s pre-eminent Bitcoin infrastructure companies, such as Northern Data and Deutsche Digital Assets, to seed emerging asset managers on the Samara Alpha platform and back the world’s best builders in Bitcoin.

About Bitcoin DADA

Bitcoin Dada is dedicated to empowering African women through Bitcoin education, breaking down knowledge barriers, fostering accessibility, and enabling participation in the digital economy, ultimately promoting financial independence and bridging the gender gap.

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