Our Venture Portfolio

Learn about our venture portfolio, comprising many of the world’s leading Bitcoin infrastructure companies.

Northern Data AG

Global infrastructure for high-performance computing and bitcoin mining

Northern Data is a global technology company that specializes in High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure, ASIC-based Solutions, and GPU-based cloud technology.

The technology solutions created by Northern Data are used in different industries, from bitcoin mining and data centers to other compute-intensive industries. Furthermore, Northern Data embraces energy sufficiency in the solutions the team creates, establishing itself as a leader in the decarbonization of the IT industry.

Deutsche Digital Assets

Institutional-grade crypto asset manager

Deutsche Digital Assets (DDA) is a crypto asset manager that simplifies and professionalizes access to cryptocurrencies and the emerging digital assets ecosystem.

The DDA product portfolio ranges from broadly diversified index funds, crypto ETPs on several traditional European exchanges, and actively-managed quantitative solutions and funds.

DDA aims to promote a global, tokenized, and inclusive marketplace accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere. The company seeks to achieve this inclusivity by driving crypto adoption by welcoming investors into the new financial area in a climate-sustainable and secure manner.


Europe’s leading commission-free neobroker

Nextmarkets prides itself as Europe’s leading commission-free online broker since 2014.

The company has a wide selection of more than 5,000 shares, ETFs, and other products that anyone can trade using the nextmarkets app. It also provides a friendly environment for trading, as there are no custody fees or hidden costs.

Nextmakets’ vision is to ensure all aspects of its innovations are designed to make financial products accessible to everyone.


The financial institution gateway to Bitcoin

NYDIG’s mission is to build an inclusive financial system that makes Bitcoin a universal option for billions of people worldwide.

The company does this by delivering Bitcoin products across many industries, including banking, insurance, fintech, and even nonprofits. The various clients can use NYDIG’s platform to create their own innovative products or to white-label the various products that NYDIG has built.

NYDIG recognizes Bitcoin as a resource for human progress and counts itself as a gateway to universal progression.


Impact technology economy changing the way the world does business

Topl is a blockchain designed to help organizations and corporations track, tokenize and transact the positive impact of their products and services.

The Topl blockchain is secure, affordable, scalable, flexible, and energy-efficient, this helping to maximize the value of impact.

It utilizes Torus, a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) product, to connect different users and developers to the Topl blockchain through a developer-friendly API. Torus also makes it possible for users to comfortably create products for mobile, desktop, and other platforms, bringing the platform to varied users.

Samara’s listed shares democratize what traditionally would be highly exclusive and limited hedge and venture fund investment opportunities for everyone.

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Institutional-grade digital asset technology company for capital markets

Chintai provides a one-stop comprehensive solution for issuance, high-performance secondary trading, automated compliance, cap table management, custody, and reporting. It is revolutionizing capital market infrastructure for asset managers, banks, and enterprises.

With Chintai, users can also tokenize digital assets using the regulated blockchain platform. This can help in the reduction of inefficiencies through the trade life cycle.